February 2011

Minneapolis, MN — The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation announced today that it will focus its Twin Cities grantmaking efforts on helping people in poverty achieve economic stability.
Over the next three years, the Foundation will focus on the three primary factors that address the root causes of poverty:
• Employment – helping people secure employment and attain living-wage jobs
• Education – improving education and training for tomorrow’s workforce
• Housing – ensuring access to safe and affordable housing
“We’re concerned about the increasing numbers of people struggling to care for themselves and their families in these tough economic times,” said Amy Crawford, executive director of the Foundation. “We’re interested in investing in efforts that help people in poverty acquire the tools they need to succeed and create more stability in their lives, which can ultimately lead to healthier communities. This approach carries on our founders’ mission to address the unmet human and social needs of individuals, families, and communities that have the least access to resources.”
The new strategic direction was informed by a recent planning process as well as information gathered from grantees and other key stakeholders. It reflects the Foundation trustees’ desire to have greater impact on the most pressing local issues as well as to strengthen the family members’ grantmaking in their home communities.
Earlier this week, the trustees approved the highest payout percentage in the organization’s history to direct as much support as possible to community needs. This will enable the Foundation to commit a significant portion of its grantmaking budget to exit grants for select grantee organizations that do not fit the new funding focus. In addition, the Foundation will continue to honor the legacy of its founders by supporting several long-term grantees that are combating discrimination and advancing equality for all …

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December 2009

We are pleased to share our new Foundation newsletter.  It focuses on a core group of our grantees who are providing essential human services during this time of growing need.  Jewish multi-service agencies offer unique and critical resources to their communities and embody the Foundation’s commitment to Tikkun Olam – the Jewish moral mandate to repair the world.  Read on to learn how these organizations are stepping up to meet current challenges and planning for their long-term vitality.…

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November 2009

The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation’s Board of Trustees recently awarded 39 grants totaling $1,087,750 for its third and final round of grantmaking for 2009.

For a full list of the grants awarded for this grant round, click here.
To search Minnesota grants for the past five years, click here.…

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October 2009

The Foundation is a Partner in the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative

On October 22, 2009, the Foundation joined with 10 other funding partners to launch the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative. The Collaborative believes that the new Central Corridor light rail line, which connects the downtowns of Minneapolis and St. Paul via Cedar-Riverside, the University of Minnesota, and University Avenue, can be a place of opportunity for all – if we focus on the big picture and work together to achieve this vision: The neighborhoods along the corridor can be places of opportunity that are accessible to people of all income levels, reflect community identities, and link all people to local amenities and regional opportunities. The Collaborative is pursuing three activities:  promoting learning so decisions are well informed, building shared solutions, and investing capital through the Catalyst Fund to seed and promote promising strategies aimed at achieving corridor-wide outcomes. Contact Patrick Troska at 612-623-1655 to learn more about the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative and ways your organization can get involved, or click below.…

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